What is Enduro?

Enduro is one of the fastest growing genre's of mountain biking where cross-country and downhill racing meet in the middle. You are given a course to complete with multiple timed descent along the way. Between timed stages you can ride at your pace with all of your buddies and enjoy the single track and stunning views of Duluth!


What do I Need to Bring?

What are mandatory items for the event?

  • 1. A proper helmet to be worn at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you're on a bike you have a helmet on. Full face reccomended.

  • A mountain bike in working condition

  • WATER. While we will have aid stations along the way you are responsible for making sure you bring enough!

  • Cell phone. You are required to carry your phone just in case of emergency.

Optional/Recommended Items

  • I recommend bringing and wearing knee pads

  • Quicklink for your chain and other small parts you may need.

  • Tube & Co2 - Duluth is full of jagged rocks


Rules & expectations?

The Rules are pretty simple.

  • Don't be a dick. Be courteous to other trail users and racers.

  • If another rider needs assistance stop and help. Once you leave the start you and your fellow racers are a team and your goal is to make it to the finish.

  • Do NOT cut trail. The courses will be well marked with arrows and tape. Riders caught cutting courses will not be given a warning.

  • Listen carefully to directions and instructions given by event staff! 

  • No Private shuttling (except for GromDuro Riders). Riders caught in private shuttles will not be given a warning.

Schedule of Events

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